New Design Tool

Your Edge to Create Exceptional Photo Books

Design Online - PhotoBook Press introduces a new, powerful online design tool. Select your desired photo book type and options, choose Design Online as one of the three design options available to you, and design your very own photo book with our powerful online editor.

Why the new design tool?

  • Cloud Based – our new design tool is 100% cloud-based. There is no need to download a design software or any updates any more. Just select your desired photo book and options, and start designing your book online.
  • Fast – our new design tool is amazingly fast. Just select the photos that you want to use for your book and start designing. No need to wait for the photos to upload first. They will be uploaded in the background.
  • Easy-to-Use – our new design tool is intuitive and easy to use. The editor gives you one working space to layout your pages with your creative design.
  • Versatile – our new design tool is wonderfully versatile. For example, now you can design your books on any platform anywhere and anytime. This includes mobile tablets including Apple iPad and Android devices.
  • Safe – our new design tool is safe and secure. Your photo galleries and previously designed products will be kept safe and secure in your account for future use.

To get started, select your desired photo book, select your desired options and select your desired creation method. You will be directed to our new online editor.

Select your Photo Book

Select your photo book from a wide range of possibilities: our unique-in-the-market Sewn Signature photo books, our gorgeous Layflat photo books, our quick Social photo books, our cost effective Hardcover Glued photo books, or our economical Softcover Perfect Bound photo books. These book types are available in various sizes.

Select your Options

Select from four beautiful cover styles: all leather, custom 1-piece graphics, 2-piece graphics with contrasting leather over the spine and back cover, or 3-piece graphics with contrasting leather around the spine. Other options like dust jacket are also available. Later, upon checkout, you will be presented with additional options like end sheets and foil stamping.

Select Design Online

Select Online Design and you will be directed to an online editor to design your photo book. Alternatively, you can select other creation options from Home page: Upload Own Design or Let Us Design.

Online Editor

Use our online editor to layout your photo book pages and design them as you like. Enjoy!